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do i

  • watch a new show
  • rewatch another show
  • watch a movie
  • read a book
  • or read fanfiction

my life choices are so difficult

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It’s a fact that we only live once and if we live this life well, then we can leave this earth peacefully and happy. What I need right now is that one chance to make it. Though, I impulsively ruin everything that I got going for me. Is this what you call self-destruction? I feel like my life is scheduled. Every day is the same. Every day remains constant. I guess deep down, I don’t really want to move forward because I have got so used to this kind of lifestyle—that seeing a different me and a different day is beyond unimaginable.  

(via sukmun)

I finished watching ‘Silenced’ about 20 minutes ago and I’ve been sitting here, completely numb and in a state of shock. I’m so disgusted and brimful of hate, I feel sick to my stomach. I have no words. What is wrong with some people? More importantly, what is wrong with society?

I’m trying very hard not to let this kind of twisted shit completely break down my faith in humanity but it’s getting more and more difficult.